Privacy Statement

Vertical Talent Pty Ltd treats your privacy very seriously. The information provided within outlines our privacy practices and details how we manage the information we hold in relation to our candidates, customers and other third parties. It applies to Vertical Talent and all of its related entities within Australia.

Vertical Talent is bound by the National Privacy Principles contained in the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) (as amended).

What information does Vertical Talent collect?

Personal information is information that identifies an individual. During the provision of our services, Vertical Talent may collect your personal information.

The kind of personal information that Vertical Talent collects and holds includes the following:

  • Personal information (including name, address, contact details, email address, residency information, visa details)
  • Education experience and qualifications
  • Work balance preferences and objectives
  • Current and past employment details
  • Expertise and experience history
  • Current and expected salary ranges
  • Assessment results
  • References / referee details
  • Any other information contained in your resum√© (if submitted)

In some circumstances Vertical Talent may also hold other personal information provided by you.

How does Vertical Talent collect personal information?

Generally, Vertical Talent collects your personal information directly from you. There may be other occasions when Vertical Talent collects your personal information from other sources such as from your referees, from an information services provider or from a publicly maintained record.

What does Vertical Talent use your personal information for?

Vertical Talent may use your personal information for the following:

  • Any relevant process in recruiting for your organisation
  • Any relevant process in assisting you find a new job
  • Client and business relationship management
  • Marketing purposes
  • Any request by a legal or regulatory body

Should Vertical Talent have the need to use your personal information for any other purpose, it will make its best endeavours to contact you prior to using the information.

Who does Vertical Talent disclose your personal information to?

Vertical Talent discloses your personal information for the purpose that Vertical Talent collects it for. That is, generally, Vertical Talent will only disclose your personal information for a purpose related to the recruitment, search and selection of potential roles and/or candidates for suitable casual, temporary, part-time or full-time employment. This may include disclosing your personal information to third parties engaged to perform administrative or other services. This disclosure is always on a confidential basis. Vertical Talent may also disclose your personal information with your consent or if disclosure is required by law.

How does Vertical Talent manage your personal information?

All Vertical Talent employees are trained to respect your personal information. The Vertical Talent Privacy Coordinator manages all aspects of Privacy at Vertical Talent, including any feedback received from you and any regulatory and legal changes implemented.

How does Vertical Talent store your personal information?

Vertical Talent maintains strict computer based security measures to ensure your personal information is held in a safe and secure environment.

Should your personal information no longer be required by Vertical Talent, Vertical Talent will ensure its safe and private removal from all systems.

How does Vertical Talent keep you personal information up to date?

Vertical Talent continually works to update the personal information that it holds, however, where your personal details do change, please ensure that you make contact with Vertical Talent’s Privacy Coordinator or your relevant Vertical Talent contact to ensure the appropriate changes to your personal information are made.

Can you access the personal information held by Vertical Talent?

Vertical Talent is happy to provide you with details relating to your personal information as required by law. All requests for access to personal information will be treated seriously, will be dealt with promptly and in a confidential manner and will not effect your existing obligations or effect the commercial arrangements between you and Vertical Talent. To obtain access to your personal information, you will have to provide proof of identity. This is necessary to ensure that personal information is provided only to the correct individuals and that the privacy of others is protected. Vertical Talent will take all reasonable steps to provide access to your personal information within 30 days from your request. In less complex cases Vertical Talent will try to provide information within 14 days. If providing you with access requires a detailed retrieval of your personal information, a fee may be charged for the costs of retrieval and supply of information.


You can make further enquiries about our privacy policy to Vertical Talent:
Vertical Talent Privacy Coordinator
Vertical Talent
Level 40, 55 Collins St
Melbourne VIC 3000

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